For beekeeper’s garden: Beach Rose

Since I came to the US many years ago, I spent countless hours looking for rosehip producing rose plants. Rosehip tea is very popular in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It was only when I discovered Dave’s garden ( and began looking at each of their highest ranking online nurseries that I came across Forest Farm. So, for several years, I have been ordering from them and have never been disappointed :-).
Rosa rugosa (beach rose) produces the most aromatic flowers. Honeybees and other pollinators really appreciate that it blooms spring through late fall, as long as it is sufficiently watered; and I appreciate those gorgeous rosehips that we dry and use for tea all winter long. Now, I just learned (on WebMD) that it is better to freeze than dry them to preserve vitamin C, but nevertheless, we rely on it as a kidney tonic as well as arthritis treatment, as much as the source of vitamin C. Rosehip tea and 2-3 hours outdoors each day for vitamin D help to keep the flu away.
I think Rosa rugosa is a wonderful border shrub. It is extremely easy to care for, and is never bothered by diseases in my garden.  We love rosehip tea with honey. It is our favorite next to Peppermint and Dandelion leaf tea for the afternoon! The trick to making it is to use a thermos. A couple of tablespoon of rosehips for a 4 cup thermos are enough for us, but anyone who likes a stronger version can experiment to their delight :-). For children, I also add a couple of organic dried prunes (which they don’t like, otherwise), to keep them regular…

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