In the Garden: a lesson learned

Two years ago, when we were planning our large raised-bed garden, I somehow thought that it would be a good idea to use the weed screen between those raised beds…
We spaced the boxes 3 feet apart, laid the screen overlapping under each box and, finally, laid some old hay on the top. In just a few months, the weeds began attacking the boxes and the screen. Mowing the weeds in the vicinity of the raised-bed garden should prevent weeds from getting “planted” in the boxes by wind, but we ignored that obvious fact, too busy with raising our children, goats, chickens, and bees… Finally, after weeding the boxes several times between and during planting seasons, I gave up last fall, and the weeds grew quite happily since summer there… until this February, when I tried to weed the raised beds and after pulling a shoulder muscle, got out the white flag…
My husband promptly suggested to move the boxes and till the area. Aha! That sounded like a great idea, since moving garden every two – five years is recommended anyway, except that the weed screen was now firmly “planted” with crab grass and other weeds in the clay soil. Ugh. We tilled it anyway, and now I have to pull pieces of weed screen and weeds out of the soil…
So, here is my lesson learned: never use the weed screen. Ever.
This weekend it was too wet to work on the large garden beds, but I started a few seeds in our little kitchen garden (it is right outside our kitchen, protected from the wind, so it is our winter garden area as well).
I left some flowering daikon radishes. The bees came all the way to visit and supervise the planting. I need to give them more protein patties for the next two chilly weeks: no inspecting the hives until at least the middle of March, I guess.


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