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Jellies and Bees

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We went to the Tennessee Aquarium this past weekend. Don’t these jellies look beezy? Can’t wait for the spring to finally get settled:-) Lots of things to do with our bees, garden and flower (currently weed) beds…                   Please follow and like us:

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Bee Balm for bees

Bee plant: Monarda (bee balm)

Bee balm has become a feature in our garden over the years. It is so easy to grow, and it does not die out even in hard winter. At first, we planted Bee Balm to attract native pollinators, especially butterflies. Bee Balm is reportedly great for tomatoes. I cannot tell the difference, really, since I already plant marigolds to keep…

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Branding Iron and why you may need one

Just so you know: beekeeping is becoming more and more popular and so is stealing bees… There are plenty of reports on vandalism and theft of honey bees and equipment in Europe as well. I read about at least one reported “large” case a month. Since, keeping bees nearby on your property may not be an option, I recommend marking…

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Beekeeping 101: E-book Q/A

Here are the answers to the questions I received recently on Facebook. Some questions pertain to some IPM techniques described in our e-book, Beginner’s Guide to Integrated Pest Management for Natural Beekeepers, others are about beekeeping in general. Q: How do you tell if a queen is laying a drone brood in a worker cell? A: It is very easy,…

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I am reading Stephen Buhner’s Herbal Antibiotics

Today I took down Stephen Buhner’s Herbal Antibiotics from the shelf and got down to page 102: Oil for Ear Infection… Ear Infections are caused by several bacteria, but the one that is getting to me and my 2-year-old is from that good old Strep infection that my DH brought all the way from California in the beginning of February.…

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