Natural Pest Control: Wasp Spray

Have you ever read the ingredients on the wasp spray we buy at Lowes, or any convenience store? I did. The warnings themselves make me drop the bottle right there on the shelf and run to the restroom to wash hands. Of course, I used to use those sprays every summer when the wasps came out.

Nowadays, in the spring, I try to use fly swatter to discourage the females from establishing nests under our deck. But, by June, wasp nests are everywhere: in the kids’ playhouse, in the barn, in the windows and door frames, in my sheds… The simple spray that works 100% percent (tested by me) is the same spray I use in my kitchen daily:

1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide

3 tbsp. of concentrated dishwashing soap.

I use a regular spray bottle and always use the mixture to clean my sink, countertops, etc. Read my post on Hydrogen Peroxide here.

When I see a wasp nest, I grab that bottle, adjust the bottle nozzle to stream and spray the wasp and the nest. I walk away for 3 minutes. The job is done. And yes, I do feel sorry for the wasp…

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