In the Garden: Bug bites

The bugs are out and biting. A couple of years ago, I started making bug repellant with catmint and olive oil. It does work, when I don’t forget to put it on:-) I use dry catmint, wormwood and cedar sawdust for dusting bees, and it works well for discouraging SHB as well. This year I can hardly see any SHB, I but I will be dusting with catmint when harvesting honey.

Well, back on the subject of bug bites. My two-year-old seems to be interested in every bug, especially fire ants. There is just something special about a large mound with little insects scurrying around. Last fall, she disregarded all warnings about bees and squeezed a bumble bee frolicking in our tomato roses. I soaked her stung finger in vinegar, rubbed baking soda and purslane, and gave her antihistamine. I read in Russian Beekeeping magazine that giving antihistamine the very first time the person gets stung, reduces the risk of him/her becoming allergic to bee stings later.

The sting was gone in no time. We are not allergic to bees. Mosquitoes and fire ants are a different story. Nothing worked well, especially for mosquito bites (everybody in my family swells from mosquito bites), until one day…

I have a oil balm, which I use very affectively for ringworms and warts (caused by viruses).  When my youngest decided to play with fire ants (again), and ended up with bites on her neck, I pulled my oil balm off the shelf, and purely out of desperation, put it on her neck. Next morning, instead of the swollen neck I discovered a little mark from the bite. That was it. Since then, I used it for mosquito bites and any other bug bites with great success!

Here is the recipe:

Make propolis tincture:

1 tbsp of propolis, shredded

3 tbsp or so (propolis must be covered completely) of vodka or drinking alcohol (using rubbing alcohol is OK, but can’t be used internally)

Leave in dark bottle for at least one week and on.

Make ringworms, warts, stings removing balm:

1 tsp propolis tincture

10 drops of tea tree oil (or black walnut tincture)

4 tbsp olive oil

Leave at room temperature, use as needed.

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