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Preparing for the winter, Part II

The temperatures are dropping below 30F this week… I remember, back in 2008, when I took the beekeeping classes (right after a very warm and dry year of 2007), the only recommendation for preparing the beehives for the winter was to install the mouse guard. I think that the times have changed. This year the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting (again) a…

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Preparing for the winter, Part I

The fall is so lovely here, in Alabama. During the day, it gets so warm that a light jacket is enough to enjoy the blue skies and a little breeze for hours… At night, however, the temperatures drop below 40F. So, last week, I started preparing the bees for the winter. It used to be that beekeepers simply installed the…

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Preparing for the Fall, Part II

I changed all of our bees’ foundation in the beginning of September (Labor Day weekend), when I also harvested the honey.It is now the middle of October, and it is time to prepare the bees for the winter. But first, I had to joint the brood rearing colonies with the queen-right colonies. The brood-rearing colony should have already been sitting…

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