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Bee packages - Bee in Harmony, Rowe Apiaries blog

Bee packages – Part II – Season 4

After installing bee packages last Thursday, I had to wait until Monday to release the queens. I could have removed the sugar candy plug the same day they arrived (surely there is nothing wrong with that) and let the bees release their queens, but I prefer to do it myself, making sure that the queen is accepted and sealing the…

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Bee Packages - Bee in Harmony, Rowe Apiaries, Part I

Bee packages – Part I – Season 4

Just got more bees from Rossman Apiaries and decided to write this quick post on installing bee packages. The bee packages arrived overnight and were delivered by our trustworthy UPS guy, who promptly warned me that the metal mesh edges are very dangerous. Indeed, they were. Despite pocking myself countless times on those wires, the operation went pretty smoothly. Nothing…

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Clover Meadows - Bee in Harmony, Rowe Apiaries blog

Let the meadows be

When I came to America 15 years ago, I was in awe of the vast open green fields and woods left for wild life. In Central Asia, wild life does not get a vote, and water resources became scarce decades ago, used up on cotton fields. When I became a beekeeper, a new reality hit me: we don’t have enough…

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Double deep beehive super - Bee in Harmony, Rowe Apiaries blog

Expanding with double supers

The spring came late to Alabama this year. It is the first week of May and I have just now expanded the brood chamber to double deep supers. I described using double deep super for my brood chamber in my previous posts, but I want to briefly mention why I do this every spring. After the colony grows out of…

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