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Fast expanding hives – Season 6

In my previous post, I described how I had five colonies, four of which were moved into double-deep-super size beehives for the summer expansion (they are my honey making colonies). I made a split from one of those colonies.



The fifth colony was split as well, with both beehives positioned on the same stand, equal distance away from the center. Each had frames with the queen cells set in the middle. and about a month later, both have new, laying queens. Now, you may ask, what is this buzz all about and why are there three supers on the right beehive? Well, that is what happened, when I opened the right colony and found out that I when I ran out of medium size frames last time, I left some space on the side, and… the bees promptly built their comb. I had to remove it, and leave it on that inner cover, with yet another box hiding it from the rest of the bees. Apparently, I was not fast enough, and the bees from the other colonies discovered that there was honey lying around and began robbing. I had to run up the hill to my storage to get the entrance reducer, so that the colony would be able to defend itself and its honey. I will need to come back later and take away the comb, after the bees transfer the honey into their brood chamber…



Now, back to the four colonies in the double deep supers… They all had their queens mated successfully. The empty frames on each side of the brood chamber are getting filled with the new comb, which I will be able to use later to start winter preparations. I moved those frames (remember that I left the space on each side, about two frames width worth) to see if there is new brood and there it was…





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