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For beekeeper’s garden: Sedum “Autumn Joy”

Sedums - ducks don't seem to bother them

Sedums – ducks don’t seem to bother them

I planted these Sedums (“Autumn Joy”) a few years ago. Every year, early in the spring, I divide the plants, and each August they produce the most amazing blooms. Heat, drought, chicken and ducks trumpeting all over… nothing deters this plant from producing these gorgeous blooms. Blooms and wonderful fragrance are not its only virtues. Bees, wasps and butterflies love Sedums. This year, next year I should have enough plants to go around each of my beds. Sedums need sun. Partial shade stunts their growth and the plants don’t really grow to their standard height (about 2 ft), although they do bloom. The weeds are the main problem for Sedums. I use strawberry plants for ground cover to control the weeds and provide shade to the other perennials’ roots. But late September, when the first cool weather arrives, Sedums start turning colors. First comes beautiful pink red, followed by brown copper red. As the frost approaches, they are the last perennials “standing”. The bees seem to go crazy for Sedums as fewer flowers become available. When their season is done, I pick a few dry flowers and bring them inside: something beautiful to remember as we head for the winter.

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