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Honey bee phenotype (breed)

Your honey bee phenotype (breed): Part I

  At times, I get to explain to somebody why we prefer Italian honey bees here, in Northern Alabama. As I start discussing the pros of breeding bees suitable for the climate, I always get a question about mite resistance. After all, I am a natural beekeeper and I don’t treat for mites in a traditional way… My answer is…

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Feeding bees should the priority of every beekeeper

Feeding bees in winter – Season 6

I believe that feeding bees is an underrated topic among beekeepers. Medicating bees is the most discussed and certainly overrated topic, on my account. So, it is no surprise that every year, many beginner  beekeepers starve their colonies. Even experienced beekeepers starve their colonies, when they unexpectedly explode in growth in the spring. Those two pictures above are of the…

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