For beekeeper’s garden: Chinese Holly

Here is another plant for bees: Chinese Holly (Ilex cornuta). I have several of these bushes as my foundation plants in the front yard. They don’t like to be in the shade, but with eastern light exposure, they are doing great. I do fertilize them with some composted manure, but only once a year. They really like to be mulched! You can read more about their care on Wilson’s Garden.

Now for the bees… Both native and honey bees absolutely love these. My hollies bloom in March and they are swarmed by bees for a couple of weeks. By mid-April, the berries have already formed. The berries turn red in the fall, and add to our seasonal decor.

There are reports that hollies can be poisonous. I have had these bushes for years now and no one has been poisoned yet :-). They are definitely not azaleas.

Chinese Holly

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