Starting beekeeping?

Interested in beekeeping? Here are my 10 articles for beginners.

This, by all means, is not an exhaustive list of topics to learn. I found that these answer the questions I had when I just started my beekeeping journey. If you have a beginner question, please post it directly on this blog’s Facebook Page, so others can see it. If it is a big topic, I will write a post!

  1. So, you want to keep bees?
  2. Your honey bee phenotype (breed) Part I.
  3. Natural Beekeeping 101: What is in my bucket?
  4. Natural Beekeeping 101: Smocking. Part I.
  5. Bee packages: Part I.
  6. Bee packages: Part II.
  7. Bee packages: Part III.
  8. Bee packages: Part IV.
  9. Natural Beekeeping 101: A Drone Laying Queen.
  10. A Good Beekeeper?