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Hello and Welcome to Rowe Apiaries’ Blog!

This is a small family business. We do not practice ‘let alone’ beekeeping, but use the same holistic preventative approach as we do with our other animals, and, indeed, ourselves. On average, we spent a little more time taking care of our bees than a traditional beekeeper would. We call it Natural Beekeeping.

We enjoy reading about new research and subscribe to Bee Craft and Bee Culture. There are other countless sources from around the world that we continue to explore and would like to share on this blog.

Currently, all reviews of beekeeping products and resources are given on our own, without compensation.


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My name is Sophia Rowe. I spent the first twenty years of my life in Central Asia. My grandparents from both sides had been raised on the farm. My great aunt (also named Sophia) was well known for her beekeeping skills. Her father, my great grandfather, had an orchard and grew several varieties of apples in the land now known as Kazakhstan. Folks came from China, Central Asia and Russia to buy his saplings. He was executed by the Soviets, and his land and all of his property were taken. There were others like him, without formal education, who learned their trade through hard work. I found their stories in the Russian books on beekeeping and the archives of the Russian Beekeeping magazine, “Pchelovodstvo”. There are stories that sound larger than life, such as those of monster swarms and feral bees in the forest. There are also a lot of stories with practical advice, given by beekeepers who have managed without antibiotics, miticides or any fancy equipment for the past 30-50 years. I use those beekeepers’ methods and I thank them for sharing their priceless knowledge with the world.

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I grew up in the city. Shortly after arriving in America, I became a US Army soldier, then a career woman, then a homeschooling mother and a farmer. Although I took several biology and chemistry classes in college, I graduated with a computer degree that led me to my job as a software developer. I was busy and happy with my career choice. Yet, all of it changed in 2007 when our first daughter was born.

I wish I could tell you that I always cared about VOCs, carcinogen containing cleaning agents or synthetic pesticide residue in our food. Like many other children, my children had life threatening food, chemical and environmental allergies. Someone mentioned to us that honey could help… It did. We now live on a small farm with our own organic garden, chickens, ducks, a donkey, goats and sheep and, of course, our honey bees. Natural beekeeping was my only logical choice.

I enjoy nature photography and drawing. I teach my children about the wonders of the natural world and respect it deserves. My dear husband is a rocket scientist, a weekend warrior and a farmer. He is also my best friend.

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