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The pros and cons of beekeeping

So, you want to keep bees? – Season 7

  I have been planning to write this post for a while. I am often asked about how difficult it is to get into beekeeping, and I find that I often tailor my answer to the individual. Why not justĀ  give a quick and enthusiastic “you can do it”? I hope that after reading this post, you can understand šŸ™‚…

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Feeding bees should the priority of every beekeeper

Feeding bees in winter – Season 6

I believe that feeding bees is an underrated topic among beekeepers. Medicating bees is the most discussed and certainly overrated topic, on my account. So, it is no surprise that every year, many beginnerĀ  beekeepers starve their colonies. Even experienced beekeepers starve their colonies, when they unexpectedly explode in growth in the spring. Those two pictures above are of the…

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For beekeeper’s garden: Tea Shrub

If you are a tea drinker, you may know the difference between the green and the black teas. But have you ever seen the tea shrub, Camellia sinensis? Did you know that it grows easily in zone 7, as an evergreen shrub? Did you know that it blooms in the fall? And how about that it is a bee plant?…

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Sedum - Autumn Joy - Bee in Harmony - a natural beekeeper's blog

For beekeeper’s garden: Sedum “Autumn Joy”

Sedums – ducks don’t seem to bother them I planted theseĀ Sedums (“Autumn Joy”) a few years ago. Every year, early in the spring, I divide the plants, and each August they produce the most amazing blooms. Heat, drought, chicken and ducks trumpeting all over… nothing deters this plant from producingĀ these gorgeous blooms. Blooms and wonderful fragrance are not its only…

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Bee in Harmony - a natural beekeeper's blog

The bee needs her sleep too

Did you know that the bees need their sleep too?Ā InĀ 1983, Walter Kaiser made an interesting discovery: honey bees slept. In 2014,Ā biologists Barrett Klein, Martin Stiegler, Arno Klein, and JĆ¼rgen Tautz from the universities of WĆ¼rzburg and Wisconsin La Crosse (USA) published more research in the journal PLoS ONE. ( Some of their findings include that facts that house bees took…

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Benefits of honey

About honey – Part I

Today, I am going to tell you about the benefits of raw honey.Ā This is a very short summary from what I read about honey in beekeeping magazines with my own thoughts added. I will list the resources at the end. As most people already know, bees forage for nectar mostly on flowering plants. Those flowering plants need bees and other…

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Jellies and Bees

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We went to the Tennessee Aquarium this past weekend. Don’t these jellies look beezy? Can’t wait for the spring to finally get settled:-) Lots of things to do with our bees, garden and flower (currently weed) beds…                   Please follow and like us:

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Bee Balm for bees

Bee plant: Monarda (bee balm)

Bee balm has become a feature in our garden over the years. It is so easy to grow, and it does not die out even in hard winter. At first, we planted Bee Balm to attract native pollinators, especially butterflies. Bee Balm is reportedly great for tomatoes. I cannot tell the difference, really, since I already plant marigolds to keep…

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Bee Plant: Beach Rose

Since I came to the US many years ago, I spent countless hours looking for rosehip producing rose plants. Rosehip tea is very popular in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It was only when I discovered Dave’s garden ( and began looking at each of their highest ranking online nurseries that I came across Forest Farm. So, for several years,…

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Why keep bees?

Why keep bees?

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What is a better way to start a blog than tell you why anyone in today’s very busy world would want to keep bees? As you may know, the bees may sting, scare the neighbors, swarm in one’s yard (preferably during a nice hot weekend planned for outdoor activities and barbeque) and generally require one’s serious research to become a…

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