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Natural Beekeeping 101: Smoking: Part 1

smockerSmoking is a hot topic among Eastern European beekeepers. A few things discussed year after year on forums and in Pchelovodstvo journal are:

• Smoke is dangerous to beekeeper.
• Smoke is stressful to bees.
• Smoke particles will end up in the beeswax.
• Polluting and potentially setting a whole neighborhood on fire is not something to be proud of.

So, after reading all about it, I tried (yes, I honestly can say that) several times to not use the smoker at all. I do not recommended it as a rule, since the bees are never happy when they are disturbed, but I manage to do regular feeding in (more…)

Why keep bees?

Why keep bees?

What is a better way to start a blog than tell you why anyone in today’s very busy world would want to keep bees? As you may know, the bees may sting, scare the neighbors, swarm in one’s yard (preferably during a nice hot weekend planned for outdoor activities and barbeque) and generally require one’s serious research to become a…