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Changing comb – Part 1 – Season 6

If I was allowed to talk about only one rule every natural beekeeper should abide by, it would be changing honey comb (foundation) yearly. Yes, it means that the bees will be spending time, energy and food on building new foundation (so, I make them do it in the fall). Yes, you will need to be monitoring the hive for some stubborn…

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Using antibiotics in the beehive - Bee in Harmony, Rowe Apiaries blog

Using antibiotics in the beehive

  If I was to look back at my first year of beekeeping, the most daunting question to me was whether I should medicate or not medicate my bees.  Actually, even before that, when my hives became overrun by SHB within three weeks of getting my splits, I had to ask myself whether I am going to follow the advice…

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