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Swarm prevention and expansion – Season 7

It is late spring (May). Swarm prevention is a hot topic among beekeepers. Honey bees tend to swarm less than other species, although their swarming behavior vary among breeds… Here is a list of the three common reasons for swarming, which should apply to Apis mellifera: The bees swarm, when the colony gets crowded (too many bees in all stages of development).…

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Rowe Apiaries - bee hive ready for expansion - Sophia Rowe

Bee Packages – Part III – Season 4

Yesterday, I checked on my three new colonies, which were started from nucs this May. I remember when I started beekeeping, I often took my brood frames out during the honey season, to check on egg laying and the queen. This process was very disruptive to the colonies. As I read later, it would take them at least three days…

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Double deep beehive super - Bee in Harmony, Rowe Apiaries blog

Expanding with double supers

The spring came late to Alabama this year. It is the first week of May and I have just now expanded the brood chamber to double deep supers. I described using double deep super for my brood chamber in my previous posts, but I want to briefly mention why I do this every spring. After the colony grows out of…

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