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Rowe Apiaries - Japanese Beetles trap - Sophia Rowe

Japanese Beetles

The summer is all joy for our family. We take a month off from studies (we homeschool) in June, and try to do as much work on the garden as possible. June is when we have our harvest of strawberries, blackberries, sweet cherries and peaches. June is also the month of Japanese Beetle. Japanese Beetles (Popillia japonica) eat everything. They…

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Ants in a beehive

Ants in the hive

We had never had ants in our hives. Ever. Until this summer, the bees had successfully kept the ants away from their honey. So, as I walked around our honey hive, I was alarmed to see the ants marching  and disappearing under the lid. My smoker was stubbornly failing to smoke and I began to contemplate opening the hive without…

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In the Garden: Bug bites

The bugs are out and biting. A couple of years ago, I started making bug repellant with catmint and olive oil. It does work, when I don’t forget to put it on:-) I use dry catmint, wormwood and cedar sawdust for dusting bees, and it works well for discouraging SHB as well. This year I can hardly see any SHB, I…

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